Friday – Helping Others to Finish


And he called the twelve and began to send them out two by two, and gave them authority over the unclean spirits. – Mark 6:7



When there’s work to be done that’s either hard or that I simply don’t want to do, I always find that it’s easier when someone else is with me.  Misery loves company, right?  Why is it that the job simply gets easier when someone else is helping?  The obvious part is that there are twice as many people working, therefore the work load is lessened, but I believe it’s more than that.  We are encouraged when someone is down in the trenches with us.


Jesus calls the disciples to go out and carry the message of repentance to others.  There is so much more to this narrative, but here are a few key things I want us to look at today.  Notice verse 6, as you read Mark chapter 6.  Jesus sets the example for them.  Before He asked them to do it, Jesus goes ahead and shows them how it is done.  Jesus was so kind to those around Him.  Notice that He sets the example in everything for the disciples.  He didn’t do the work himself, He did it with others.  He took along others, so He could encourage, set the example, and walk them through life.


Jesus sets the example, but He doesn’t expect them to go out alone.  He sends them out in pairs.  There’s strength in numbers!   They had a tough task, and Christ purposely made it tough – they weren’t to carry the necessities with them.   These guys were to go out and learn to trust in God for their needs, and they had a friend to help them stay on that track.


We aren’t supposed to do this life alone.  We need others, and others need us.  Who should you be helping in their walk with the Lord?  Who do you know that needs someone to stand beside them?  Who can you encourage today?



Read: Mark 6:1-13


Prayer:  God, help me to see who You have already put into my life that You want me to invest in and encourage.  Help me to be wise enough to know what areas of my life I need to allow others to sharpen.  May I be humble to learn from others, as You use me to encourage those around me.




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