Saturday – The Boss’s Son Came to Work in Your Place



Imagine receiving a call from work saying, you don’t have to come in.  The boss explains that his son is going to work in your place and earn your wage, but you will be receiving new benefits for the work his son is going to do for you.


This is exactly what Jesus did.  Because God loved us so much, He sent His Son to earn the wage of sin, which was death.  He did this in our place.  Then He turned around and gave you a gift (a benefit) that wasn’t earned or deserved.  You got to sleep in while Jesus earned your wage for the sins that you committed and will commit. He paid for it, but you get the benefits!



Read More: Mark 15:37-39; Hebrews 2:9;


Prayer Focus: Father, thank you for sending your Son to work in my place and to earn the wage that was intended for me. Thank you, Jesus, for your willingness to die in my place for my sins. Help me to live as one who has been forgiven. Help me to share with others about the greatest gift (benefit) anyone could ever receive!





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