Pastor Search

Northside Baptist Church

Senior Pastor Transition

It is our goal to keep the body of Northside both informed and equipped as we, together, proceed through the retirement of Bro. Ken Polk, the interim period, and eventually the calling of our new pastor, as led by the Holy Spirit.

It is our goal to have bi-weekly updates posted here. These updates will include any/all information as it pertains to this entire process.

September 28

Update: The Pulpit Committee met with Bro. David for the first time this week.  The interview process will continue during the week after Fall Break.  Please continue to keep the Committee and all candidates in your prayers.

Save-the-Date: The next Vision Committee meeting will be held on Sunday, October 15th, at 3:00 p.m.  All are welcome to attend.

September 20

Update: The Pulpit Committee has received over 80 resumes to date from pastoral candidates. As many of you are aware, Bro. David Bramble, after much prayer, has also asked to be considered for the position.

The Search Process: The Pulpit Committee has decided to consider our internal candidate first, while simultaneously continuing to evaluate external candidates’ resumes. To this end, we have scheduled our first interview with Bro. David next week.

Requests: Please continue to pray for the Committee and our candidates as we proceed with the interview process.

August 30

Search Committee Update: August 30th, 2017

Progress: During the month of August, the Pulpit Committee met four times. Actions of the Committee include: prayer, development of a possible timeline for selecting a head pastor and a list of his desired attributes, finalization of the criteria required to post the position through the Tennessee Baptist Convention (TBC), discussion of current candidates, and selection of questions for Northside’s Vision Committee.

Upcoming Actions: The Pulpit Committee will continue to take recommendations from members of the congregation and through the TBC website. The Vision Committee will work with the Church Staff to develop a vision plan for the church that can be presented to the new pastor.

Please pray for:
• Brother Ken and the Polk Family
• Church unity during the transition
• Wisdom and discernment for the Search and Vision Committees
• God’s man to be the new Head Pastor at Northside
• Christ to be honored in all things

Any correspondence for the Pulpit Committee can be dropped in the boxes, located on the wall, down the glassed hallway, labeled “Pulpit Committee”.

Contact Us: All Committee Members can be reached at the same time by sending an email to:

August 20

Last Sunday both our Vision Team & our Pulpit Committee were presented during our worship service.  At the conclusion of that time, we shared in a special laying on of hands and prayer over our Pulpit Committee.

Please continue to pray daily for our Pulpit Committee, as they discern God’s will for our next Senior Pastor.

August 8

The Pulpit Committee has now met twice and is in process of organizing all their work. Please keep them in your daily prayers (names listed on previous update).
The Deacon Body has selected the following members to serve to serve on a Vision Team, which will help guide both the Pulpit Committee and the candidates.
This Vision Team is comprised of:
Ryan Denton (Deacon)
Jason Greene (Deacon)
Gabriel Moore (Deacon)
Gayle Sharp (Deacon)
Mark Broadstreet
Jon Chaney
Alison Creel
Luke Davenport
Kim Florida
Randy Godwin
Bob Hickey
Bobby Hopkins
Leslie Hopkins
Brenda Kelly
Connor Marmen
Kelley Ruth
Kathy Scharnhorst
Harold Smith
Codie Welborn
Marc Wendling

Bro. David has been working with the pastoral staff to help provide a framework of our past, present, and future ministry; as it pertains to our Vision.


July 16

Last Sunday our church family voted to approve the Personnel Committee’s recommendation for our Pulpit Committee. Please pray for this group of servants.


July 2

The Personnel Committee has recommended the following members to serve on our Pulpit Committee. We will vote on the acceptance of this recommendation during morning worship services on Sunday, July 9th.

Bob Adkins
Laurel Davenport
Heather Harris
Jim Nelson
Rick Rife
Kevin Whitley

Tom Hays and Ryan Denton will also serve on the Pulpit Committee as Deacon representatives.


May 23

The Personnel Committee, through much research and prayer, has compiled a list of possible Pulpit Committee members. They are now in the process of narrowing the list down and contacting members who are willing to serve.

As always, please continue to pray for their efforts.


May 8

This past week, both our Personnel Committee and our Deacons met to continue their work in the calling of our next pastor. The following is an update from their latest meetings:

The Personnel Committee, chaired by Gabriel Moore, is actively praying and seeking members to serve on our Pulpit Committee. This committee shall be entrusted by the church (per vote), to work in harmony with church leadership, to identify the man God has prepared to be the next pastor at Northside. Specifically, they will pray daily and meet often, to determine the process of and to facilitate receiving and interviewing candidates for the position. They will further be responsible for contacting references for final candidates. Eventually, they will be tasked with presenting their single selection to the church for the church body to meet and potentially call as Senior Pastor.

The Deacons have also committed to a season of prayer for our church and all those involved in this high calling. They have further agreed to take a step of preparation for the eventual Pulpit Committee. They are contacting the Tennessee Baptist Convention as well as our Southern Baptist Seminaries in order to begin receiving resumes for potential candidates. Those interested in applying can simply mail their resume and appropriate information to: NBC Pulpit Committee, 655 W. Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37129.

In addition, they have scheduled a Vision Team meeting and will begin seeking other volunteers to serve alongside them in seeking our vision for the future.

We ask that you continue to pray as well. Please pray for our church, staff, deacons, and personnel committee as they continue to serve.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

April 24

Per the Constitution & Bylaws, our active Deacons have selected (2) men (Tom Hays & Ryan Denton) to serve on the Pulpit Committee.  In addition, our active Personnel Committee will meet this Sunday to determine the process of selecting the remaining (6) members of the Pulpit Committee.  Once the remaining six members are selected, the church will vote on the committee as a whole.  Upon church approval, the Pulpit Committee will prayerfully begin the process of calling our next Senior Pastor.

Please continue to pray for your church as we seek to honor God throughout this process of receiving the man He has prepared to lead Northside.

Those currently serving on the Personnel Committee:
Brenda Kelly
Corinne Arnold
Gabe Moore
Rex Stairs


April 7

For this, our first update, we have included both an excerpt of our Constitution and ByLaws as pertaining to the Senior Pastor (For complete Constitution & ByLaws, please click here), as well as an update on our process and progress.




Upon the vacancy of the position of Senior Pastor, a Pulpit Committee shall be created, composed of a minimum of two (2) deacons (nominated by the deacon body), as well as six (6) members selected by the Personnel Committee and Assistant Pastor, for a total number of eight (8) serving on the Pulpit Committee. The selected committee members shall be presented to the congregation and receive a majority vote from members who are both present and voting during a special called meeting (Article VII). Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, this committee shall search out and recommend to the members; the man they feel has been called by God to be the shepherd of the flock of Northside Baptist Church of Murfreesboro



The members shall be given at least two weeks’ notice before a recommendation of the Pulpit Committee, which shall include the terms of the call. The candidate for Senior Pastor should be presented before the congregation and during a properly called special meeting of the corporation (Article VII); the Senior Pastor shall be called by a 90% majority of the active resident members who are both present and voting at a regular scheduled Sunday morning worship service via ballot vote.

Interim Period

The interim period will begin upon the actual retirement of Bro. Ken. As of today, that time will begin October 1, 2017. The Deacon body has asked our Assistant Pastor, David Bramble, to serve as the Interim Senior Pastor (Oct. 1st). Bro. David has accepted this position and will work with the Deacons, Board of Directors, Staff, and all committees throughout this process.

Pulpit Committee

Since Bro. Ken has given a six-month notice of his retirement, we will begin the selection of the pulpit committee members prior to his departure. It is the goal of the Deacon body to have the pulpit committee established no later than August of this year.

Vision Team

Both the Deacon body and Pastoral staff of Northside are currently working to develop a vision team. This vision team will pray, study, and work with the entire membership in order to develop a vision statement and strategy for Northside Baptist Church. It is the goal of this team to help us all understand what our purpose is as a New Testament Church on the north side of Murfreesboro; as well as our strategy to facilitate that calling.