High School

Nick Mobley, Family Pastor
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Our small group ministry encourages students to dive into The Word together and discover God’s Answers to their greatest questions. We’d love for you to join one of our Connect Groups below! Sundays 11:00 am 9th-10th Grade Boys    –    Room 203 9th-10th Grade Girls    –    Room 203 11th-12th Grade Boys    –    Room 203 C 11th-12th Grade Girls    –    Room 205

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Wednesdays at 7:00 pm “Worship at The Cliff” is our Wednesday night gathering of all students in one room for worship. We meet upstairs (A.K.A. “The Cliff) at 7:00 pm, with worship led by Luke Davenport and our Student Praise Band and messages provided by Bro. Nick. 

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ROPE_logo Helping you pass down a legacy of faith to your teen.

We’ve provided resources, go-to guides, and even videos to help you navigate unique milestones with your teen. What you see below is simply a guide. What really matters is your commitment to fulfill the role God’s called you to as a parent. But you’re not alone. We’re praying for you, and will be with you throughout the process! Begin by watching the videos for your student(s)’ grade level, then pray about how God wants you to lead them on the next phase of their journey.

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