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How do you begin to address the most amazing people in the world? VBS leaders, you are changing the world, one child at a time. VBS is five straight days for kids to explore the Word of God multiple hours a day. It sounds like a lot, and for the kid, it is! For you, the VBS leader, it’s quite simple.

Leaders have very specific roles. Most prepare for their specific role and complete that role each day of the week of VBS. Lead teachers teach through the Bible story and facilitate related activities for the first 50 minutes of the day; then, close out the day with 25 minutes of snack and wrap-up activities that reinforce the big idea for the day. Assistant teachers help make all of that happen! Rotation leaders learn their task for each day and then do it multiple times a day as groups rotate to them. Rotation leaders serve in specific areas: recreation, missions, music, and crafts.

No person is an island during VBS! Everyone has help, gets breaks, is aided by the Holy Spirit and their Children’s Ministry team, and is guaranteed to be blessed as much as they are a blessing! Don’t miss out on the incredible gift of God allowing you to participate in changing the life of a child! Don’t ever think, “My role in VBS is unimportant.” For some kids, it’s that game, the song, the high five, or whatever your do that brings them back the next day, or reinforces the Bible Story, and is what draws them to church so they can hear the life-changing news of Jesus!

I'm ready for God to use me during the week of VBS!!

Dates: June 4-8, 9am to Noon

VBS is for ages PreK-5th grade (PreK must be 5-years-old by August 15th). You have a preschooler? No worries! We have special preschool classes just for those incredible people who serve in VBS! Each preschool class will have a VBS of their own and will experience many of the same things you do this week! How about that? Your preschool child gets to experience VBS alongside of you when you serve!! Anybody serving in VBS, who has a teenager that would like to, can serve alongside of their teenager as well. Both preschool kids and teenage leaders need to register early.

Arrival time:
We ask that you are ready in your assigned area by 8:30 a.m. You will need to be ready to receive kids by 8:45 a.m. and hit the ground running by 9:00 a.m. If you are a rotation leader, you will need to begin preparation for your group rotations to come to you shortly after 9:00 a.m. Every kid that attends VBS will begin in their designated age-graded classroom.

A daily schedule is available so everyone knows where to be and when. Click here to see this year’s daily schedule. The schedule clearly shows the responsibilities of each leadership position for each day of the week of VBS.

What’s Provided:
We provide you with a t-shirt, a nametag, curriculum, and all the resources you need to be successful. We even have an information meeting beforehand, to make sure you are completely prepared for all the fun that the first day of VBS brings. You can use the VBS Facebook page for updates, ideas, and questions in preparation for VBS.

This doesn’t need to be a major life changing event! If you love to decorate your classroom, go all out! We just ask that you don’t do it at the sacrifice of your preparation for leading kids. If you don’t like to decorate, don’t sweat it. We can help! Every year, a few folks who can’t serve that week volunteer to decorate a classroom. Better yet, we have some fool-proof plans that allow you to decorate with almost no effort! We simply have the kids in your classroom decorate all week long during VBS. This is our favorite method of decorating and has been wildly successful in the past! Want to know more? Ask, and we’re happy to share our secrets! Minimal can be better when it comes to a classroom full of kids. Don’t let decorating keep you from the incredible blessing of leading in VBS!

Nametags for children:
Every child gets a nametag. They have a ton of information on them, so don’t send them home! Everything you need to know about that child is on their nametag, so make sure to give it to them each day and hold onto it for them until the next day. Click here to see an example of what previous year’s nametags looked like, this information is the same each year.

Newsletter each day:
You will get a newsletter each day. You will find one on your door the weekend before VBS to give you a little guidance as we close in on the big day! Each following day of VBS, you will find a newsletter in the exact same place to help guide you through any details and scheduling that needs to happen that day. This newsletter is there to help ensure your day goes smoothly and you and your kids don’t miss out on anything!

Safety and Security:
We want VBS to be an incredible experience for everyone. Safety is of the utmost importance to make sure that happens. A child should never leave your group alone. Make note of restroom breaks/transition time built into your schedule. Leaders should never be alone with a child unless they are very visible in a public area. This protects both you and the child. Every adult leader will need to have a background check completed by the church within the last 5 years.

Rainy Day Plan:
In the event of rain, recreation will continue inside. Let’s just say that we pray a lot before and during the week of VBS that it doesn’t rain until after VBS is over each day. We also pray it’s not 100 degrees outside for those incredible rec leaders!

Dress Code:
Dress modestly and wear your VBS shirt every day, including the Sunday before VBS. The Sunday before our first VBS day, you will be asked to stand so we can pray over you during worship. Appropriate shorts, jeans and any type of shoe that you are comfortable in are completely okay with us!

Cell Phones:
Cell phones are great, but kids know when we’d rather be spending time on our phones than with them. If we are constantly checking our phones, we send a message to the kids that there is something more important than them on the other end. We completely understand that you need your phone and desire that you keep it with you during VBS; it can be a great tool. We simply ask that you use discretion when using it, and encourage others in your classroom to do the same.

Kids are dismissed from their assigned class (where they began the day). You will be given a registration notebook that has all the information you need for each child. Allergies, authorized pick up and emergency numbers are all listed in this notebook. If a person picking up a child doesn’t have their matching security code for the day, you will simply check their ID and then check their name against the authorized pick up list. If you have a match, that child is good to go. If not, then you contact a member of the children’s ministry team, and they will contact a parent to make sure that child is approved to go home with the person picking them up.

Final Thoughts for a VBS leaders:
Know that you are prayed for and prayed over for a very long time before VBS even begins… and a whole lot during the week of VBS! Make sure to pray for yourself and the kids that God will allow you to make an impact on their lives. A favorite pastor of mine says it this way, “We don’t work and ask God to bless our work, we pray and then God works.”

Plan early. Look at all the supplies/materials/resources we give you as early as possible. That doesn’t mean you have everything prepared that early, it simply means you have looked through it and can be formulating ideas while you are driving, waiting in the car lines, or lying in bed not sleeping over how excited you are for VBS week! The sooner you peruse your stuff, the easier the final plans come together for you!

Mark your calendar and get ready for the ride of your life! Leading during the week of VBS is like nothing else! Being used by God to influence the lives of children for eternity is an incredible gift! We are thankful you have answered the Call!

Let us know if you need anything at all! We might not be able to fulfill every request, but we will certainly give it our best shot!

Dates and Times to Mark on Your Calendar

ASAP: Have you registered yourself, your children (both preschool and elementary aged), and your students who wish to serve in VBS? If not, do so today!

5/13 – Supply Requests are due. You can submit these online, at any time. SUPPLY REQUEST FORM

6/1 – The church will be open from 9am – 4:30pm for decorating and classroom preparation.

6/2 – The church will be open from 9am – 4:30 pm for decorating and classroom preparation.

6/3 – We will have a 30-minute meeting right after church to make sure everyone is good to go on Monday! This meeting is for lead teachers and assistant teachers. This is your opportunity to ask any last-minute questions or get clarification you might need. Wear your VBS shirt to church that morning! The church is closed after this meeting.

6/4-6/8 – You’ve worked hard to get to this point, don’t miss it! Put the dates of VBS on your calendar.

6/10 – VBS kids choir will sing in the service. You don’t want to miss worship this Sunday!


Your Children’s Ministry VBS Team

Cory Scoles, Kids Pastor –

Lisa McCrary, Preschool Director –

Alison Creel, VBS Director Extraordinaire –

Tika Scoles, Registration Guru –

Brandy Brannon, Purchasing/Supplies –


VBS Leader group: (closed group for leaders only – request invitation, if you aren’t already a part of this group)

Registration Information

Register yourself and/or your teenager as a leader (there are a limited number of teenage leader spots available, but if you are a leader they are guaranteed a spot. They must be registered however, for that spot to be guaranteed).  You can register by emailing Cory Scoles, Children’s Minister, by clicking the link below.


Register your child for VBS both preschool (for VBS leadership only) and PreK – 5th grade: