Update from Christy:

Greetings from Florida!  Baylor is back at CORE (Center of Recovery and Exercise) and working hard!  He is putting in 3-4 hours of intensive therapy each day!  He is giving it everything he’s got, and I see a determination in his eyes!  Please continue praying for him to stay healthy and to stay safe during the sessions.  Pray specifically, the connections from his brain to his muscles get stronger, so his movements can get bigger!  This Friday at 9:00 am EST, Baylor will be doing a trial with a new communication device.  PLEASE PRAY!  The iPad and eye gaze systems we have been using have brought us some communication with Baylor, but both prove very difficult for him.  This new system can pick up the slightest of movements and can differentiate between “twitches” and “purposeful movement.”  I am still learning about the system, but it sounds amazing and would give Baylor a voice and some independence!

We have re-connected with so many CORE families we met last summer.  Please continue praying for John Michael and Alex (our two favorites)!  Both of these boys have suffered brain injuries and are fighting just like Baylor!  We love our time with them and their moms!  We can’t say enough great things about the trainers at CORE who challenge and encourage Baylor!  They certainly know how to push their clients and make the most of every single minute!  Pray for them as they minister to so many in this community and around the world.  They are a blessing, and I am so thankful for their time and talents!  I know Baylor will leave here stronger than he came and encouraged to continue the fight!

Please know how thankful we are for every card, gift, financial donation, meal, and prayer!  Not one single minute on this journey have we ever felt alone!  Thank you for continuing to read these updates and for praying specifically for Baylor’s healing. Our journey over the last 4 ½ years has been difficult, but we are not without hope.  We continue to believe our GOD IS ABLE and will trust Him with the outcome.  Thank you for believing with us and for walking so faithfully by our side!  I am attaching a picture of John Michael and Alex and some CORE pictures and videos.

John Michael



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