Since our last update, Baylor has been home recovering from his platelet and pneumonia issues.  It’s been a bit of a slow process, but he seems to be making progress.

With that said, tomorrow (Monday) at 1 pm, Baylor will have a much-anticipated surgery.  Shortly after his injury, he began to have spasticity (contraction of the muscles), which made him uncomfortable.  To alleviate the spasticity, he received a baclofen pump in his abdomen, which releases the medication into his spine to relax the contractions.  The surgery relaxed his muscles; however, he immediately lost all (slight) purposeful movement.  While doctors believe that Baylor’s loss of movement is not tied to the pump, and are only coincidental, we certainly pray that God uses tomorrow’s surgery for continued healing.  We were also told that once a person has the pump installed, they would likely be dependent on it for life.  Over the past four years, we have slowly lowered the dosage until he no longer required it.  He had now been baclofen-free for one and a half years, so the doctors feel comfortable with completely removing it.

Please pray that Baylor is healthy enough for tomorrow’s surgery.

Please pray for the surgeon and staff that will perform the surgery.

Please pray the surgery is both perfect and effective, with no complications.

Please pray the removal will help in Baylor regaining more of his purposeful movements.

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