Baylor’s first week of therapy at CORE has been fantastic!  The following is an update from Christy:

We could not be more pleased with the CORE therapists.  They have been so encouraging to Baylor, and show a vast knowledge and experience with brain injuries! All of their equipment is top notch!  The first week far exceeded our expectations and looking forward to 2 more!  (Even trying to plan future visits).

We appreciate your prayers for the following:

Baylor stays healthy ( currently has a little congestion)

Baylor rests comfortably at night.

Wisdom for the staff as they plan and strategize exercises to help Baylor improve.

Peace in Baylor’s heart as he works harder than ever to gain functional and purposeful movements.

Pray for Alex and John Michael- 2 of Baylor’s newest friends we have made connections with at the gym.  (one suffers from a brain injury and the other from locked-in syndrome). We found out about CORE from John Michael, whom we first met at Shepherd Center in 2015.  God has a way of bringing families together for encouragement and hope!

Pray, we can continue to be a light and live out our faith as we wait on the Lord.

Pray, we don’t get discouraged when things are going much slower than we want.

And of course, pray for complete healing!  Nothing is impossible for God!

Psalm 118:17 (CSB) “I will not die, but I will live and proclaim what the Lord has done.”