Great News…

Baylor will be receiving therapy at the Center Of Recovery & Exercise (CORE) in Orlando, FL.  He will be there for the entire month of July and will receive specialized therapy tailored specifically to his needs.  This therapy is not covered by insurance and is solely being paid for through the generous gifts of his supporters.  We cannot thank you enough!

Please pray for the following:

Travel to Orlando: It is a long ride for Baylor and sometimes it can affect his health.  In addition, our vehicle is not suited for long journeys.  Please pray that he can travel without any setbacks.

Travel in Orlando: Baylor and Christy will be staying at a nearby hotel.  Pray for their daily commutes.

Baylor’s health: Baylor has been doing well, but his health can change in a moment.  Pray that he remains healthy throughout his time in Orlando.

Baylor’s progress: Plase pray that we will see more purposeful movements (which are without a doubt the manifestation of God’s healing).

Baylor’s therapists: With every hospital and treatment facility that Baylor has been, we have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people.  Pray that God would use them as His hands for healing.  Pray also that our lives will image Christ.