I know that I have not posted an update in the last couple of months, so in brief: Baylor’s days since my last updated have been typical – Good days and other days.  He’s had some amazing days of therapy and some days of extreme sickness, but he continues to persevere.

Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of Baylor’s injury.  Below is a special post & video that Christy (his mom) has prepared.  (She’s a better writer than me)

“I’m Not Giving Up”

     These are the words I hear Baylor’s heart saying… “I’m not giving up.”  As he stares down at his legs as if begging them to move- I hear him.  As he tries to squeeze my hand, and nothing happens, his eyes lock into mine, and I hear him again.  As he opens his mouth to speak, and nothing comes out- I hear him.  “I’m not giving up.” That’s my son, and that’s my God, who is bringing strength and peace to his soul.  We have not heard Baylor’s audible voice for four years now, but God hears his every word. I’m so thankful Baylor knows Him as his personal Lord and Savior and that he has confidence that he’s not alone, and someone hears his voice!  For those of you who are new to following Baylor’s journey, he suffered a traumatic brain injury while playing high school football in 2015. We were told he would not breathe on his own, hear, see, and was given little to no hope of survival.  God had a different plan!  Baylor is alive, breathing, seeing, hearing, and working so hard every day to regain purposeful movements. As the 4-year anniversary of Baylor’s accident draws near, I feel compelled to ask you – do you know the One who hears YOU?  Do you know the One who can bring peace to a seemingly impossible situation?  Do you know the One who will never leave you and who loves you unconditionally?  We know God has a plan as well as a purpose in our pain.  I can think of nothing better than knowing someone heard God’s story by hearing of Baylor’s story!

On October 23rd, will you join us in praying to the God who hears us?  We are asking everyone who is reading this post to pray for Baylor and then share the post with others who will pray.  Let’s exercise our faith by asking a BIG GOD for BIG THINGS and then BELIEVING for Baylor!  Here are some specific prayer requests:

  • For Baylor to speak again
  • To regain purposeful/functional movements (arms, hands, legs, head…)
  • To eat again
  • To be more alert
  • For peace in the waiting
  • No infections/illnesses or setbacks
  • Wisdom over therapists, doctors….
  • Strength for mom and dad
  • Patience /understanding over Macie and Brady (brother and sister)
  • For a complete and perfect healing that can only be explained by a miracle of God

Baylor’s not giving up!  Please don’t give up on him! Continue praying, asking, and believing!  We are so grateful for every prayer and kind act done on behalf of Baylor.  God has blessed us beyond measure with friends, family, and community!  Bless you, for standing with us in prayer! GOD IS ABLE


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