I cannot thank you enough for keeping up with Baylor’s story and praying for his recovery.  When we say that we feel the prayers – we mean it!  Instead of giving up or giving in, we are constantly encouraged and lifted up by so many.  Thank you is not enough, but we cannot say it enough, either.



Baylor’s recent biopsy results shown NO Bone Marrow Issues!

Baylor’s most recent surgery (baclofen pump removal) was a complete success – he has fully recovered, and there have been no issues with spasticity!

We will drive back to Orlando, Monday morning.  Baylor and Christy will be back at C.O.R.E. for physical rehab from Jan. 28th through Feb. 25th.


Prayer Requests:

Pray that Baylor remains healthy, in preparation for our trip, during the long drive, and throughout his stay in Orlando.

Pray that he gains strength during his time of therapy, and lasting results of intentional movement.

Pray for all of the specialists that work with Baylor, as well as our witness to them.

Pray for Christy as she manages EVERYTHING during their time in Orlando (it’s a lot).


James 5:16 (CSB)

16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is very powerful in its effect.


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